Web Page Structure

HTML tags are the building blocks of an HTML page.

What is an HTML Tag ?

Any text enclosed between less than (<) and greater than signs (>) is an HTML tag .

e.g. <html>

Most of the HTML tags require a start Tag and an end tag, end tag differs with the opening tag by a slash "/".

<b> show bold text </b>

The above example shows a start Tag < b > and an end Tag < /b > , in order to display a Bold text in the browser.

Some Tags are self closing, the close tag for some elements are optional because their closure can be inferred.

e.g. <hr> < hr > tag draw a horizontal line in the HTML page and this tag doesnt need an end tag , it is self closing.

A tag can have many attributes and each attribute may have many values

e.g. <img src="logo.jpg" height=100 width=100>

Above is an Image HTML tag < img > with three attributes. The above tag places an image named logo.jpg in the browser with height=100 and width-100.

HTML Document Structure


An HTML file by enclosing the entire thing in the < html > < /html > container tag.

<html> Page content here </html>

All normal WebPages consist of a head < head > and a body < body > part.

The head part is used for text and tags that do not show directly on the page, except Title .

<head> Head Part here </head>

The body part is used for displaying all text , images, hyperlinks, and so on, shown directly on the page.

<body> Body part here </body>

Here is a Normal HTML page structure.

<html> <head> head elements go here </head> <body> body elements go here </body> </html>