Advantages of CSS

css advantages

The Style Sheets specification works by allowing you to specify rules that say how the content of elements within your document should appear. Converting from an HTML page to a CSS design page may be a bit difficult and time consuming task. However, Cascading Style Sheet design has many advantages and benefits. Following are some major advantages associated with using CSS for web design.

easy maintenance

One of the primary advantages of CSS is that it allows developers to separate content from its presentation layer. CSS change the traditional method of setting style and layout on each individual web page by allows CSS designers to use a single file to control the style and layout of multiple web pages in the same website. So you can change the appearance of an entire website by editing one style sheet. The bigger your website, the more time CSS saves you. Also Style Sheets reduces the risks associated with maintenance of large websites.

fast webpage loading

The ability to edit any number of HTML pages at one time by editing a single Style Sheet file will reduces the file size and bandwidth usage . Since Style Sheet is cached in browser cache after the first request and can be reused for every page on the same website, it doesn`t have to be downloaded with each web page request. That means the Style Sheet classes are not loaded from the server, each time different pages of same website sharing the same CSS file. Moreover, when CSS separates your website`s content from HTML page, the HTML file size is smaller and the pages will load faster .

search engine friendly

Change the appearance of an entire website by editing one style sheet ensures that your web pages have consistent styling throughout your website. So Search engines will no longer have to struggle to read your website content. The advantage of improved Search Engine friendly accessibility of content will allow a large number of users to locate you on the Internet. Also less code and more content will play a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

absolute positioning

Style Sheets can exactly positions your element where ever you want in the web page. It allows you to put a layer on a specific place on your screen, so that it stays the same no matter what screen resolution or browser window sizes a viewer uses. In any phase of web development, the developer feels that particular Styles are not going well with the situation then it becomes easier for them to position them easily using Style Sheets.

printer friendly

Style Sheets can be used to create printer friendly web pages. CSS enabled web pages can be easily printed. The colors, images and other things which are difficult to be printed can be eliminated and printed easily by Style Sheets.

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