How CSS work

css work

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a completely different approach to webpage styling and layout. When a web-browser displays an HTML document , it must combine the document`s content with its style information . Actually the content of a page goes into an HTML file, and the style information goes into a style sheet. But how does all this work together as a web page in the reader`s browser?

css patterns

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) works by allowing you to associate rules with the elements that appear in an HTML document. These rules govern how the content of those elements should be rendered. A rule set consists of a selector followed by a declaration block.

css rules

CSS selectors are patterns used to select the elements you want to style.

Declarations, which sets out how the elements referred within the selector should be styled.

The declaration is also split into two parts, separated by a colon : property and value

Property is assigned to a selector in order to manipulate its style and Value is an assignment that a property receives.

Each property - value pair within a rule must be separated by a semicolon, If there is only one property-value pair in the declaration, you do not need to end it with a semicolon.

A simple example Applying CSS and HTML tags in an HTML page.