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In the previous CSS Table chapters we have explored a variety of CSS styling which could be combined to form a variety of HTML Table styling .In this chapter, you will learn how to style HTML Tables with images, shadows, hovering etc. Once you create the structure of the HTML table , it is easy to adding a layer of style to customize its style and appearance.

CSS Table background Image

Simply you can apply background-image to the table and achieve a consistent look in the browser. The CSS background-image property will set an image on the background of the table.


CSS table background

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How to make a CSS Shadow on a table

You can make a shadow on the table by using the CSS box-shadow property.


CSS table shadow

CSS Code

Apply this CSS code to above example HTML Table.

CSS Rounded Corners Table

You can achieve rounded corners table by using CSS border-radius property.


CSS rounded cornered table

CSS Code

Apply this CSS code to above example 1 HTML Table.

Highlight CSS Table Row on hover

You can highlight row on hover by using the pseudo class :hover to the tr tag of the table.

Move mouse over the rows

Roll No Name Team
1001 John Red
1002 Peter Blue
1003 Henry Green
1004 Ford Yellow

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