Text Align, Indenting

Text is still playing a major part in a web page, because most of the HTML document contain text. You can manupulate Text in an HTML document in various ways. The following examples will introduce a variety of Text styling and their usages in your CSS designing.

Text Align

You can align Text in a document horizontally and vertically.

Horizontal Text Alignment

In horizontal alignment you can align text to right, left, center and justify.

CSS horizontal textalign


The above statment align the text to left side of the document.

The following example shows how to set different types horizontal alignment in an HTML document.


CSS text align

Vertical Text Alignment

In Vertical Text Alignment you can control vertical positioning within the containing element.

CSS vertical align

In vertical alignment baseline is the default value, that aligns the text to the baseline of the parent element.


Text Indenting

Text Indenting allows us to insert a specified length before the starting line of text.

The following examples shows how to set text indent style to an html document.


CSS text indent

Line Height

Line Height will adjust the spacing between each lines in a document, that is it works like line spacing.

line-height 2em is equivalent to a line-height of 2

CSS line height

The following example displays two paragraph, one with normal line-height and the next with line-height:2


CSS line height example