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css hexadecimal colors

Hexadecimal Values represents six digit, 3 bytes hexadecimal number. It also results in the combination of red, blue and green colors in the form of #rrbbgg . The first rr corresponds to Red color , bb corresponds to Blue color and gg corresponds to Green color. In order to define a hexadecimal color , you can set range 00 to ff. For example, in the color green, the color code is #00ff00, which is '0' red, '255' green, and '0' blue.

Hexadecimal Samples

css primary colors

Red, Blue and Green are regarded as the primary colors . These are sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors. Also we can not create these colors through the mixing of other colours. Almost all visible colors can be created by the additive color mixing of these three colors.

Red Blue Green
#FF0000 #0000FF #00FF00

How to use HTML color codes

How to change html font color ?

If you want to change the font color to red, you can code like this.


Font color changed to Red

How to change html body background color ?

How to change CSS body background color ?