First HTML Page - Step by Step

HTML files that generate Web pages are just text documents. It is a straightforward language for describing Web page contents. Markup languages are not a difficult concept to grasp, but you need to know lot of things in details. Here we are going to create and view our first HTML page. The following are the steps you should follow:

How to Create and View Your First Web Page

  1. Open your text editor (e.g. Notepad)
  2. Write HTML content in the file
  3. Save the file in local disk by giving file extension .html or .htm
  4. Open your Web browser (e.g. IE, Chrome or Firefox)
  5. Select the created HTML file for viewing
Thats all

Open your text editor and copy and paste the following code in the text file.

Save the file as "myfirstpage.html" in your local disk. It is very important to save the file with .html or .htm file extensions.

Some text editors (e.g. notepad) normally save files with the extension .txt. So click "Save As" menu and when give file name, put it in double quotes like this "myfirstpage.html" then click OK button.

If you have any difficulty in creating or save the file first time , click here to download html file

Download myfirstpage.html   Right click the link and select "Save Target As".

After create or download the html file , you can view it in your web browser.

You can open your html file in two ways.

  1. Double click the html file you created , it will automatically open the file with default web browser

  2. Open your web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Now you can see your html page in the browser.


HTML Code explained:

The page start with < HTML > and end with < /HTML > tags, an HTML file by enclosing the entire thing in the < html > ... < /html >container tag.

All normal WebPages consist of a head < head > and a body < body > part.

< head >..< /head > - The head part is used for text and tags that do not show directly on the page, except Title.

< title > First Html Page < /title > tag. It displays the title of the web page , that shown at the top of the browser window.


Next is < body >...< /body > part. The body part is used for displaying all text , images, hyperlinks, and so on, shown directly on the page. Here we just put only a text to show in the page.