Special characters

Several characters are reserved in HTML. For e.g. if you place 5 spaces between two words, the browser will display one space only and ignore the other four spaces. In these situations we can use these special characters (Entities) to solve this problem .

Entities in HTML begin with an ampersand ( & ), end with a semicolon ( ; ), and contain a numeric code or mnemonic phrase in between.

How to HTML Space character ?

For e.g. when we want to add more than one space between two charcates, we should use ampersand-nbsp-semicolon between words.

When you run this code, browser will display HTML and insert 5 space charcaters and display Tutorial.


Although most of your Web documents will contain standard characters, there are times when you need accented or special characters as well. The following is the list of some commonly used special characters in HTML.