Paragraphs in HTML

HTML Paragraphs are used to format text divided into sections. The Paragraphs in HTML are defined inside the < p > and < /p > tags. When you place text between < p > ...< /p > tag , it will automatically add an empty line before and after a paragraph.

<p>HTML Paragraphs</p>

Any text that you surround with a < p > and a closing < /p > becomes a separate block.


HTML Source Code :

<html> <body> <p> HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, one of the document formats of the World Wide Web. </p> <p> HTML files that produce Web pages are just text documents with .html or .htm file extensions. </p> </body> </html>

Paragraph Align

You can add ALIGN attributes to paragraph tag.

<p align=left>This content align left side</p>

The above code will align the content inside the < p >...< /p > tag to left side of the browser window.

Like in word processor you can align paragraph in many ways (left,right,center,justify) .

Align Left - <p align=left>

Align Right - <p align=right>

Align Center - <p align=center>

Align Justify - <p align=justify>


Paragraph Align attribute is a Deprecated one, so you can use CSS styles instead.