CSS Text decoration

You can set various inline text style through text-decoration.

CSS text decoration

The above css code underline the paragraph text.

The following page style with different css text-decoration properties in each paragraph.

CSS underline

CSS text-decoration on html link

You can apply the text-decoration property to any of the four link states. For example, if you want to remove the default underline of a HREF link when you hover it, you can use text-decoration: none;

Source Code


CSS none

CSS Text transform

The text-transform property is to manipulate the case of the text.

CSS text transform

The above code transform starting letter of each word as capital.

In the following example the above three text-transform property is applied.


CSS capitalize

From the above image, you can see in the first line each starting word is capitalized because we applied text-transform: capitalize; to the first line.