CSS Styling

This chapter introduces a number of elements, which will help you more precisely describe Text, Colors and Images . Beyond the basic CSS structural elements mentioned in the previous chapter, you can use a wide range of elements to style your HTML document using CSS.

CSS Text

CSS text

CSS font properties are probably the one of most important property of a document. When we design a text document, one of the first things we perform is to specify the font. When styling a document, fonts are specified using a little bundle of font-related properties such as typeface, size, weight, and font style .

CSS Color

CSS colors

The internet is filled with web-sites featuring beautiful rich graphic design that takes advantage of the power of CSS. In this chapter, you learn the correct ways of applying color to your web pages. Applying color to text and containers is pretty easy using CSS. Most HTML elements have two color properties, a foreground color property and a background color property. Both of these properties can be controlled using CSS.

CSS Image

CSS image

This chapter also explore the CSS capability for Image controlling and begin to work with background images in a responsible way. Background images are the most important factor to realizing the creative potential of CSS-based web design, and they literally transform your pages into works of art very quickly if used appropriately. The next few sections cover these properties in more detail.

CSS background